The 2024-2025 FAFSA is now live!  WVWC is now regularly receiving results and sending packages weekly.  We recommend you file the FAFSA and add WVWC to receive your SAI.  Our code is 003830.  We are still keeping our estimation process live knowing that some students cannot successfully file yet.  If that is the case, please follow the instructions below and we can get you a guaranteed estimate.  

West Virginia Wesleyan College is committed to helping students and families through this process.  We are offering all students accepted for admission for Fall of 2024 a priority aid estimate.  This estimate will give you a firm foundation of guaranteed scholarship and grant funding from West Virginia Wesleyan College along with estimates for state and federal aid based on real FAFSA data for this year.  Complete the form below to receive an estimate within two weeks.

  • Request an Estimate

    Requesting an Estimate is easy.  First, ensure you are accepted for admission for Fall 2024.  Next, complete the following steps.

    1. File your 2024-2025 FAFSA.  You can do this at 
    2. Send us your SAI.  You can email results to or you can upload it using this simple form:  Aid Estimate Request Form

    And you’re done!  Our team will work on your estimate within two weeks of receipt.

  • About My Estimate

    We will text (or e-mail) and mail you an estimate document outlining your WVWC grants and scholarships as well as estimates for State and Federal grants and loans based on current guidelines.

    WVWC scholarships and grants estimated for the purpose of this document will be guaranteed–meaning if the new FAFSA comes back with different results later we will keep your estimated WVWC awards the same.  If your New FAFSA comes back with better results, we will improve the award for you.

    State and Federal Grants and Loans will be estimated based on the best available guidelines.  It is important to note those may change based on updated guidelines and charts provided by the Department of Education.

  • Where Do I Find My SAI?

    The New FAFSA (2024-2025) produces a result called a Student Aid Index, or SAI.  This is the number WVWC requires to produce an aid estimate.  When your FAFSA is filed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email with the SAI number in it.  You can forward that directly to or via the upload form.

    If you cannot locate your confirmation e-mail, visit and log into your FAFSA.  You will also be able to find the SAI result there.

  • What If I Can't Finish My FAFSA?

    Some FAFSA filers are receiving word that their FAFSA is “In Review”, meaning the results are being checked and verified.  For these users, an SAI may not be produced until March based on government estimates.

    If you’ve been accepted for admission and cannot receive an SAI, you can still complete WVWC’s net price calculator, which is using the new FAFSA standards.   This will also allow us to complete an estimated award for you!

    WVWC Net Price Calculator

  • Helpful Links

    To learn more about the New FAFSA changes, visit:  StudentAid.Gov

    To learn more about WVWC Grants and Scholarships or to schedule an individual appointment with financial aid, visit:  WVWC Financial Aid and Scholarships

    West Virginia Students can learn about important resources like the Promise Scholarship and Higher Education Grant at CFWV